Over time, people look for digital stores more than physicists as with only one click they can have their products without the need to move to a store. If you’re interested in selling or buying from a safe and reliable website, I’ll be leaving you some of these.

Ecwid (E-commerce for Small Business)

It is the leading e-commerce platform in e-commerce solutions, here you will be able to sell physical and digital products this platform offers the solution to any business you want to sell on the Internet, so if you have already already a point of sale on Amazon, eBay, Facebook and Instagram this platform can increase your sales and generate more advertisements in your products. It can be managed from anywhere in the world unlike others, this is a very easy-to-use and professional platform. You can also sell your products through Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, among others, includes more than 50 forms of international payment, such as PayPal cash payment and wipay.


It is characterized by having a wide and very good application functions for each use either to have a website, blog and online store, Odoo is the ideal solution for you to set up a functional website that represents your business in the best way and reaches high levels of satisfaction and preference in your customers. It has a mobile application and professional websites, you will set up a vibrant store with very little effort and without need to have many technical knowledge, the payment methods are through PayPal, effective payment, among others.


He is the leader of e-commerce platforms in the industry of products and web page creators, his advanced business functions will help you launch, manage and expand your online store successfully, create your online store from scratch with the tools that Wix offers you and starts a successful business. You can do it in four simple steps, create your online store, build your brand, set up your business and receive fast and secure online payments. You can sell almost anything from articles to photographers.


It is a service for the construction of websites through a simple platform that allows you to drag and release various elements such as texts, photographs and videos. This platform offers a basic and free plan for the user to test its most advanced features and payment plans according to the need for each project. It stands out for its category for the possibility of creating multilanguage websites, in addition to offering integrated tools for CEO positioning, its designs are adapted to your tablet and smartphone screens, also offer a complete gallery of modern templians that provide a very professional aspect, serves to create and manage websites and shops in a simple way.


It is the e-commerce platform that has become a good option for those who want to sell products on the Internet such as ebook, music, videos, software, among others, but not budget accounts for it. This online portal allows you to load the products and share them through your website, one of the main advantages of this is that only when you take profits will you be able to charge 5% of the amount obtained (which means there is no charge for your systemThere is also a chance to put a discount when you mention your name on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The tool is integrated into the PayPal amount and allows you to create payment buttons that you can include on your web.


It is one of the specialized platforms for the purchase and sale of digital products and services (It is only possible to sell services or products that can be delivered online. This is one of the most popular web portals to make online money with virtual jobs this thanks to its ease of use the amount of product services that can be offered here would be online courses, music, videos, video games, software, you can also communicate with the buyer, payments are easy and safe to make as it is cash payment or PayPal.


It allows you to design your online store without having programming knowledge, here we are going to sell physical and digital products and you can make your online store in a few minutes with total ease, the interface you present is very flexible and the store building process is very intuitive and effective without you waste your time on navigation. Shops can integrate the shopping payment system that allows consumers to pay with only one click with it can improve customer experience and reach new potential consumers.


Although it is a little new to be one of the best e-commerce solutions and that helps beginners and with lots of incredible functions, it allows you to build your online store on minutes, it offers several online store topics to choose that they are easy to customize with the role of dragging and sticking, these web designs are also optimized for mobile by default. screen that your customers are using to access your website. It is based on artificial intelligence for online marketing such as the company name generator or content generator.


It is the application that allows creators to sell their content through their own websites or blogs as well as the free platform to sell products whether physical or digital and is characterized by being totally easy to sell and buy so their payments are totally safe, simple and are through PayPal and Visa.

GoDaddy (disambiguation)

It is the world’s leading domain recorder and the largest web service company with 40 million housed websites also offers to create your free and very easy online store, an elegant, easy to use and sell flexible payment and shipping options a virtual store that has everything, adds up to five thousand products with ten maximum images per product and manages everything with a maximum of product and manages everything with full safety. It makes customers pay as they want to safely accept all major credit cards such as PayPal and applepay.