The expected game apparently suffered strong setbacks after its departure, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users reporting not only one but several extreme errors.

Cyberpunk 2077without hesitation it was one of the most expected video games of the year and much more if we take into account that many users have waited for several years, but at the time of its launch it was not as convincing as everyone believed it was, it did not meet the expectations of most people, it was both the discourage of people that the company that the development had to issue a statement publicly apologizing.

It is an extensive letter in which developers Marcin Iwinski, Adam Kicinski, Michal Nowakiwski, Piotr Karwowski, Adam Badowski, Piotr Nielubowicz. They apologize remotely for the launch of their vijdeogame and break down a series of updates that they will have from now on with much more care and dedication.

With everything that happens and it has in mind, it’s normal to ask yourself, was it all really bad? , after that statement many were surprised.

They had a lot of mistakes.

One of the big problems is that the game did not run easily, its lack of game optimization especially in current generation teams and Xbox one or PS4 did not run as it should, having many Frames drops or missions that were not starting or starting.

Also, the number of errors in the issue of video game logics is very high, with scenes that could not start or load, animations that were carried out slow or late, several issues that hampered the mobility of the game and stressed many users like the characters they often did not carry.

Will there be an update from Cyberpunk 2077?

According to cyberpunk 2077 leaks, he has a possible update, although his leak is warned that this information may be misguided as it can also be made official is time to wait.

CD projekt has sought a way to solve much of cyberpunk 2077 errors mainly by focusing on the damage it presents to the Xbox One and PS4 consoles after their disastrous launch. Let us not expect the changes to be drastic, let alone in a short time, they say, is legitimacy and has been found in person with whom he made this statement. We can also remember that some alleged Cyberpunk 2077 DLCs were leaked last month, now returning to the load with a possible and future update.

These information as they count has been obtained with a tool called ‘Epic Inspector even though they comment that it is a private thing done by the same accounts.

I think this content update would bring something new that is deleted before it is released. Epic and many hope that this video game update will arrive or this available by June 10”. All DLSCs consist of a capacity limit so this thanks to dedicated servers could be of a large size and impact, giving their game the honor.


In the conclusion, CD Projekt is putting a lot of effort, dedication and diciplina to his work on something that may be one of the best games positioned in trends, despite the difficulties many people expect to see a big change. Nothing is still confirmed, but it’s better to be aware of any situation, it would be wrong to let go to that great game.

We hope you liked it and you’re excited as we are about the possible update. Let’s hope the company will take the reins in its video game and grow greatly in front of the games we know today.

Tell us, did you try to play it?, What was your experience?