Often, broadband connections owners complain that their line does not reach the maximum speed. It is often just a fraction (e.g., only 30 instead of 200 Mbit/s). To demonstrate this deviation to the Internet provider, a record is required to show all speeds measured.

But it is often quite complicated and difficult to record individual results to then broadcast them. However, this should change immediately with an application by the Federal Networks Agency. It works with Windows 10, among other things, and records all speeds. In this article we will show you what it is about and where you can download the application.

Describe and install broadband measurement application

First you should download the application installation file from the Bundesnetzagentur website. The operating systems of Windows 7, 10.12 macOS and Linux Ubuntu 16.04 / Debian 8. Once the download of the approximately 100 MB file is completed, the installation continues directly. This is completed after a few steps.

This is how the measurement is done with the Federal Networks Agency app

After the installation, start the application and will be asked to provide some information. These are not personal, but are related to their Internet connection.

The following information is required:

  • Seller’s name
  • Internet connection rate Type
  • Contractually agreed speed/transfer rate
  • postal code

The Federal Network Agency then offers some important advice related to technical requirements for speed measurement. Among other things, it is not recommended to perform the tests with a WLAN connection. Why? Since WLAN is a disruptive factor and this can falsify the final speed.

For this reason, we also recommend that you perform all the tests exclusively with a LAN cable. This is the only way to ensure that the measured speed reaches 100% and matches.

In the so-called Federal Networks Agency measurement campaign, the application carries out a total of 10 measurements on different days. The prerequisite for this is that all these measurements will be carried out within 14 days. Otherwise, the test is not valid. In addition, each individual measurement should be activated manually. A small disadvantage if your Internet is always slow at the late afternoon or at night, for example.

Result of the measurement and transmission campaign

After the measurement campaign is completed, the Federal Network Agency’s application keeps the result in a record. To this end, the program creates a PDF file that contains all the important information.

The details of the Internet supplier’s name, as well as the agreed speed and postal code, are now at stake. Because these are compared to the speeds measured in the protocol. If you can see a clear deflection and the computer is not even close to reaching the agreed speed of Internet connection with an LAN connection, this serves as direct evidence.

EU regulation supports Internet owners

If a record shows the clear deflection in speed, EU regulation will also help. This is because it contains certain criteria that must be met. If this is your case, you should communicate directly with your Internet provider. The protocol created supports you and at the same time tests the deflection.