There are many rumors that Apple is going to launch a video game console, but there’s actually no day. There is now an interesting new report, և is said to be working on hybrid portable consoles such as the Nintendo Switch. The entry is from Wcfech և The Korean community quotes Cliff’s website. Based on shared content, Apple will try to create a game console with features similar to that of Nintendo Switch, but with powerful features.

In addition, your console has a powerful cooling system that will make a big difference from the company’s current products (such as the iPhone and iPad). It is also said to be equipped with a different processor from series A and M.
Finally, Apple is negotiating with major developers like Ubisfot to bring its exclusive products to Apple Arcade. Therefore, we also see plans to integrate Apple Arcade into future consoles. Since many people are already talking about alleged Apple video game consoles, the best thing is not to take this new rumor seriously.
The truth is not good to draw speculation before time, it is just an information directly from Korea, which could be false, but because we don’t know if Apple is really intended to pull out a console similar to the nintendo Switch, but let’s be realistic, if Apple launches is a very high-price, if Apple is a company that launches equipment, how: iPhone and ipad and its teams have a very high price? Uff would have to sell a canyon and a half-lung, because of the simple eco that that console would be quite, but very expensive! and people with very low resources could not acquire is console.

Consola portátil de nintendo Switch

Retrocedamos hasta el año 1995 Apple había lanzado una consola llamada «Apple Pippin» un nombre bastante raro, está consola incluía un procesador PowerPC 603, que para su época era un procesador muy potente que corría a 66Mhz, un lector de CD 4x y una tarjeta gráfica de 5MB capaz de llegar a Resoluciónes de 640×480 y en almacenamiento interno contaba con 128k para guardar partidas.

 El precio de esta consola era de nada más y menos que de 599 dólares. Se vendieron más de 43,000 unidades pero esta consola fue retirada del mercado a solo un año de haberse lanzado. En 1996 Apple Pippin pasaba a ser una consola olvida siendo así una víctima del despiadado avance Tecnología que vivimos día a día.
Con esto quiero dejar dicho que si Apple sacará otra consola, talvez pasaría lo mismo que sucedió en el 96.

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Apple would already be negotiating with large video game studios so that its catalog attracts the world of gaming, with Ubisoft among them. The console would compete directly with Nintendo, with Sony’s PlayStation 5 and with Microsoft ‘s Xbox Series X.

We’d all like to see an Apple video game console out of sheer techie enthusiasm and dreaming it’s free, but it has to be said that the rumor doesn’t make too much sense . Apple would only have to negotiate with the big developers so that their games reach the iPad, iPhone, Mac and Apple TV in order to take advantage of their ecosystem of devices. An additional device such as a console does not fit too much.

And since we’re talking about Apple TV, let’s remember that it is rumored that a future generation of the player could become a game console and include a dedicated controller. Oh, and we’re still waiting for that ‘Mac for Gamers’ to come true. They are concepts and leaks that overlap.

However, I would not trust this too much until at least there are no more concrete data. I would perhaps stay with the fact that Apple wants to enter the gaming market , because it has a growing audience .