Top 5 Apps you should know if you want to be a Youtuber

YouTube Studio,  the official Google app to manage your account

What is YouTube Studio (a powerful app that allows you to manage all your channel activities from the same location via your smartphone and tablet), then these app listings on YouTube are meaningless. Wow, an ideal choice, no longer dependent on the computer, no matter where you are, you can be notified.

VidIQ, a very useful Chrome extension if you are just starting out

Although we are not dealing with an app for Youtubers as such, it is worth mentioning this Chrome extension, which we can add to the Google browser. Among its features we will find the function to see which video is in the #1 trending category, we can also see the tags that other youtubers use in their videos and use it to our advantage.

OBS Studio, broadcast your games live

OBS Studio does not require many introductions. This powerful software for PC -we have explained how it is transmitted in real time on Twitch- is an essential option for YouTube users committed to the world of video games.

Vegas Pro, a classic that never fails

This professional video editing software is now known as Vegas Pro. Of course, despite the minor changes, it still maintains the same essence and is one of the favorite video editing software among most of the video editing software users. Youtube.

Camtasia, ideal for tutorials

 Record everything that happens on the screen of your PC or laptop by recording everything you do with this wonderful program. Therefore, if you want to upload tutorials on how the tool works or introduce chemistry courses through slides on YouTube, Camtasia will not disappoint you.

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