The lag is a problem that affects many people in this large free fire community. It often occurs in low-range devices already sometimes on high-end devices, but it only happens when these devices do not have free space in RAM memory or when they have instability in their internet connection, it could also because it has many applications running in the background.

As a result, the game is very late when played and the truth is quite annoying.

But many people have asked themselves this question, is there a solution to the lag? Of course, I’ll show you two tricks right now so you can play Free Fire without delay.

Truck #1

For the number 1 trick, we have to enter configurations into the device, consider that this only applies to Android devices. Then we go to the «About the phone» section and we’re looking for an option called «Recovery Number» and click between 3 and 4 times until a message appears.
After the message comes out, we go back and look for the section called «Developer Options» and we come in, then we come down and look for the apartment called «Animation Scale» and we selected the first option.
This will help so that applications will not take long to load when opening the bone, the applications will be completely out of animations when we run them, it is option is quite good because it will allow them to open the applications in a super fast way.
Now within developer optionors we look for the apartment called «Limitate fund processes» and we select the second option, it is option to prevent applications from being implemented in the background and so no longer consuming more RAM memory, with you’re 2 activated options can notice how your device is developed more fluently when you open an application.

Truck #2

For the number 2 trick, we will need an app called «Gamers Gtool Free» is the application you will find it on Google Play Store.
After you have downloaded that application, you open it, already within the application they accept all the permits you ask for and then we click down here where you say «Apps List»
This section would be showing us all the applications we have in the system, but the application we are interested in is Free Fire, we select it.
Then we go back to the main menu of the application and click the engranae that appears on the right and would be showing us you’re opons, but what we have to choose is the first.
Then I’d be redirecting to Free Fire and this just means we’ve completed the whole process!
I hope you have helped you with this information, if so then I invite you to leave your opinion here in the comments box that will be appearing below.