In recent days, a lot of information has been leaked in the sense that Xiaomi intends to launch an improved version of the Redmi Note 8, a version by 2021.


Why should Xiaomi do this? The answer is very simple, as the Redmi Note 8 is one of the most sold smartphones in the so-called middle-range segment.

This model is estimated to have sold more than 25 million units worldwideThis doesn’t mean you can still get the first version of the Redmi Note 8 that was sold a few years ago, now Xiaomi.It’s not these rumors.? Xiaomi has confirmed this with a promotional image of this smartphone that reveals some parts of the design and I can confirm that there will be a Redmi Note 8 by 2021 that has the same frontal features as the same original smartphone that is used well with bisels and a notch at the front

Esta imagen también nos muestra cómo se verán el marco lateral y la pantalla. Sin embargo, lo que no podemos saber es si la parte trasera es exactamente igual a la versión anterior.

Sin embargo, la teoría sugeriría que Xiaomi usó el mismo chasis para crear un nuevo modelo, la mayoría de los cambios estarían en el interior. Después de múltiples filtraciones, se espera que la versión 2021 venga con una pantalla de alta frecuencia de actualización, procesador más avanzado, mejor cámara y sistema de carga ultrarrápida, y otros detalles como el tamaño de la pantalla y la capacidad de la batería o sus materiales de construcción. Podría ser como quedarse con el modelo anterior de 2019.



La verdad es que no veo que esté mal que los modelos antiguos sean rediseñados como lo hizo Huawei con la serie p30 que presentó las versiones de la nueva edición, siempre y cuando les brinden a los clientes exactamente un mejor rendimiento y mejores características, pero en realidad este movimiento. Xiaomi me ha sorprendido bastante y parece que este Redmi Note 8 versión 2021 traerá algunas mejoras y nuevas funciones muy importantes para sus clientes.

The Chinese firm is preparing an unexpected return of one of its most popular mid-range mobiles

Xiaomi’s Redmi Note range has undoubtedly become its main source of joy. Since the mobiles that include this range are undoubtedly the most popular and sold for the brand. So much so that it seems that the Chinese are going to recover one of their most popular models for, and launched at the end of 2019. It is the Redmi Note 8 , which had been leaked as something possible according to rumors, and which has now been ordered to confirm Xiaomi itself officially. So yes, we are going to have a new version of the Redmi Note 8 almost two years after it was launched

But as always, the leaks come to our rescue, to tell us what could be the main features of this new phone. And basically we would have a MediaTek Helio G85 processor , one of the most powerful and solvent in the Chinese mid-range, and which is specialized in running games with enough solvency. There would also be a new camera with a 48-megapixel main sensor , accompanied by three other sensors. It would also release a 4000mAh battery, and the new version of its layer, MIUI 12.5.

We do not know if there will be changes in the design field, Xiaomi in his tweet has shown the design of the original model. It would not be unreasonable to think that she could recover it, but at the moment there is no certainty. What is clear is that Xiaomi wants to continue exploiting one of the most popular mobile phones in recent years, perhaps looking for those users who got hold of it at the time to now trust a similar model with obvious improvements. Something surprising without a doubt, but it is not the first time we have seen it on the market, as Huawei did at the time with its popular Huawei P8 Lite .