If you’re interested in war games, whether for love of history or simply for love of war games in any case you can find a perfect game for you then I’ll present some of these games inspired by World War II.

The Yalghaar (103MB)

In this game we will have full control of moving all over the stage by annihilating enemies as long as the missions are. We will be part of a group of elite military who have as a mission to save the world as there is a larger military force threatening the planet. Among the missions we should carry out are disabling bombs, saving people, among others, does not require Internet connection.

War Nobles: 1896 (597MB)

The game takes place in the year 1896 when the war is supposed to have just erupted the game not based on any specific war, the playability is quite fun we will have to move our troops and deploy some on the battlefield as if it were a table game, but when we meet some rival and we are in front of us we will enter into 3D battles in which we will take full control of our character, which we can also take full control of the that we will also have to coordinate our troops in order to eliminate enemies, their graphics are very good.

Modern Combat 4 (2GB)

It does not require internet connection the bad thing about this game is that it costs 10 dollars the story of this game is more or less fictitious, there is a nuclear war, and the only hope to save the world is a small group of elite soldiers who their mission will be to rescue world leaders and for this we will have to go eliminating enemies. It has very good graphics, it has some similarities to console games, it has an online option in which we can carry multiplayer clashes even has an offline multiplayer mode in which we will be able to play local network can join up to twelve people at the game.

Modern Combat 5 (1.5GB)

This game is going to require internet connection this appeal to be the successor to modern combat 4 its story is very different has new scenarios and the best is that it’s free of the bad is that it’s free is that it’s full of publicity and a lot of things that’s going to sell you, but if you like the previous one and you can’t buy it this is a good option.

Warplanes: w2 Dogfight (116MB)

It does not require Internet connection, this game is from battle planes that unfolds in World War II will have access to more than 50 historical planes that we can be better, changing weapons even change their colour. We’ll have to go through missions around the world to change the fate of the planet. It’s a very good option if you like aircraft games.

World War Polygon (54MB)

When you have for the first time if you will require Internet connection because you will download additional files once downloaded will not require Internet connection the game is set in the second World War I more specifically in Normandy when the landing was made, on the beaches we will start our missions in the history mode (although before a tutorial) is a first-person game in which we will also have to unlock new weapons. pvsp or four vs four (for these if you need internet connection).

Army men Strike (143MB)

It will require Internet connection unlike previous games you will play with green toy figures, in the game we are supposed to be playing with our imagination, we will find a climbing, a madness even a ule duck, we will have to set up our base and perform different missions can face other players in the world and we can be better our claval.

Brothers In Arms 3 (45MB)

We’ll take the role of Sergeant Ride, a sergeant who’s going to have to venture in the days after the D-Day invasion, we’re just fixed at one point and from that place we’ll have to go shooting our enemies, we’ll have two game modes all against all or team games and four maps.

World War Heroes (864MB)

This game can only be played with the Internet as the modality of this game is multiplayer always and we will enter battles against other people in total are 7 different battle places, four types of combat equipment, six different game modes with customizable games and 57 different types of weapons.

World war 2: Strategy (165MB)

This is a game similar to a board where we will have to deploy our troops strategically and each has a certain amount that can move forward or some distance of attack the area where we are located will also influence as the rivers as they cannot go through these. The game is returned during World War II and includes more than 30 historical campaigns. During our battles we will have to choose the different commanders each will give us certain advantages.