Although psps are not so used today there are still people who like or draw their attention, but most of them do not have enough money to acquire a console «Psp«For those people I brought 10 action games for ppsspppppp emulater for Android.

Castlevania: The Dracula x Chronicles

This game is the remake of the Castlevania:Rondo of Blood (launched on October 29, 1993these games developed by Konami and released on November 8, 2007 in Japan and the United States, have more detailed new designs. This game unlike its predecessors is in 3D as they would thus succeed in attracting the new generation of players.

In the game you will have to face the orders sent by dracula to kill you, a game that certainly has nothing to envy any other of the saga as its level of difficulty is high in the same way that its three-dimensional and two-dimensional designs are very well made as more progress becomes more complicated. You can also enjoy additional content and extra game modes. You’ll have to go to end the enemies until you get to the end of the level where you’ll have to fight a final boss.

Ultimate ghosts’n goblins

In this game you’ll have to fight to rescue the Princess of Hades, in the skin of Mr. Arthur a gentleman. You’ll have to dive into the depths of hell to get it back, on the way you’ll meet bosses who keep your layers so you can keep moving, you will also have to look for light rings that will help you reach the bosses of the last game. These rings are very important because they will decide the end of the game, for example, if you have less than 22 rings the boss’s door will be open and you will have to start to get all, to finish the game you have to have 32 rings only then the door of the final boss and the princess will open.

Spiderman 3

This game inspired by the original film you should beat Harry who becomes a villain, Flint Marko who falls into a reactor and becomes sand, a lizard man, terrorists who terrifying the city, Mac Gargan, Dr. Stillwell. Peter consumes it and manipulates it to wear a new suit that makes it stronger, agile and aggressive.

If you want to live closer the events that took place on Spiderman 3 this game is certainly for you.

Parasite eve: The 3rd Birthday

Ambiented in Manhattan on Christmas Eve Day in 2012, roots begin to come out (Babels) similar to those of plants by destroying buildings and killing people and in turn brought life forms that consume humans called «Twisted«Aya will be your role in this game she has to travel to the past thanks to her power to transfer her soul to another body, thanks to a machine called «Overdive System», (Overdive was called to Aya’s powersWhile you go in, you realize that what you do can change the future. This game really has a very interesting story that catches anyone if you like mysterious games, with adventure and with epic struggles this game is for you.

Dante’s inferno

Dante is a veteran of the third crusade who will take a journey to look for his beloved Beatrice in hell and for this he needs to marry a soul destined for heaven and thus get rid of hell and take the throne of God. For Dante (the player), it will be nothing easy as he will be found on the way he will find demons and monsters, facing his own sins and crimes in war.

God Of war: ghost of sparta

If you like the safe Greek mythology sounds like the name of Kratos the god of war, in this game you will take the role of Kratos who starts a journey to discover his origins is just as old to Atlastis where he meets his mother Calisto who claims that his brother Deimos is alive. And there’s where he starts his brother’s adventure in search of his brother on a path plagued with enemies that you have to beat by being the final boss Tanatos the god of death.


A 15-year-old boy named Eragon finds a stone in The Spine while hunting that he keeps thinking he can be worth, but he realizes that he is actually a dragon who he’s named Shaphira the king who’s not very happy about this sends the soldiers to look for him and they kill his uncle and burn the house, Eragon and Saphira.Zar’roc«And I started the journey of these two if you like the games that have adventure, action and dragons this game you like.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

You will have the opportunity to play being Harry Potter, Hermione Grander or Ron Weasley, this one unlike other games will only allow you to go through certain places in Hogwarts Castle that your pickers on the menu, in each of these you will have to pass through obstacles and challenges you can play alone (the other two will be artificially controlled) or in multiplayer mode.

Lego batman

You’ll control Batman among other other characters from a third-person perspective, you’ll solve puzzles and collect money (studs)You will have the opportunity to arm Lego pieces to cross level, move on level, or go unlocked suits. This game has 30 levels and some extra levels.

Naruto shippuden: legends: akatsuki rising

The game starts when naruto arrives in the Village of the leaf after 2 and a half years of training the game consists of 10 chapters and 50 missions (Akatsuki modeEach chapter will have a different goal, the missions are grouped by D, C, B, A and S. In addition, you can play with other characters in addition to naruto such as Sasuke, Tenten, Neji, among others but only in some missions or chapters. This is an excellent game for naruto shippuden lovers.

If you want to learn how to download games for ppsspp emulater in a super easy way, here I’ll be leaving you this article.