Muchos de los juegos más famosos salen para Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation, Microsoft Windows, One, entre otros, pero con el paso de los años estos han ido llevándose a nuestros teléfonos móviles facilitando tenerlos a nuestro alcance. Luego estaré presentando algunos de estos.

llamada del deber: móvil

Este es uno de los juegos más conocidos ya que desde que se estrenó el call of duty el 29 de octubre de 2003, este ambientado en la Segunda Guerra Mundial ha dado mucho que hablar, este juego creado en principio por el estudio Infiniti War (con la ayuda de Activision) con los programadores Jason West y Vince Zampella ha vendido más de 300 millones de copias.

Inicialmente este juego fue creado para jugar exclusivamente en PC, este juego ha ido innovando a lo largo de los años, aunque como en todas las franquicias algunos juegos no han tenido la repercusión esperada que no ha hecho que la franquicia quiebre. Call Of Duty está actualmente disponible para Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3, N-Gage, Mac OS Classic, macOs y dispositivos móviles. Siendo esta última su última plataforma más actual.

Este multijugador y blattle royale, se estrenó oficialmente el 1 de octubre de 2019, esta cuenta con diferentes modos de juego como: duelo en equipo, buscar y destruir, todos contra todos, cuenta con mapas como Nuketown, Crash Royale, Hijacked y muchos más , tanto de mapas como de juego Los modos pueden cambiar si hay alguna fecha festiva cercana, ya que siempre están innovando el juego.

Este juego sin duda merece una oportunidad si tienes estos requisitos mínimos para un teléfono:

  • RAM: 2GB aunque es más recomendable 3GB
  • Tarjeta gráfica: Adreno 506.
  • Almacenamiento: 1 GB de descarga y 2 GB instalados.
  • Chip Procurement: Shapdragon 625 con 2GHz.
  • Versión del sistema operativo: Android 5.1.

lecho de roca de mincraft

We’ve all heard about this game either because of its graphics, how useful and easy it can be or by some youtuber talking about this game like blondes, auron play, vegetation 777 among other youtuber, many have met him for youtubers that climb gameplays on this one.

This is a first-person game that can be played online, in Hardcore, Creative, Adventure and Spectator mode. How many with plants, animals, villagers, create portals that will take you to other worlds and monsters that usually appear at night to attack us. This is a world without limits you can go wherever you want and build whatever you want, although of course many decide to do the missions until we win the dragon this is the last survival mining mission.

This game has two editions: Minercraft Edition Java is only you can play on PC and Minecraft Edicion Bedrock is available for Android, ios, consoles… This game is virtually infinite without a minecraft is a game that has given us a lot and will continue to give us as they are always innovating and integrating new things, who would have imagined in 2009 that such a simple game would be so entertaining.

Minimum requirements:

  • RAM:2GB
  • Storage: 90MB
  • Graphic card: Intel GMA 950
  • Android: 7.0


All (or most) we know that this Battle Royale game originally created to play on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, but fornite is not exactly known for reversing in March 2018 officially came out for Android and IOS.

Fornite is a game developed by Epic Games, this game is about fighting other players to be the last to stand up before it catches you and later killed you the storm. In this game you have a chance to defend yourself with guns and shields that you can build on wood and metal. In this game you can play in: duo, individual and squad. And you purpose and that of your allies and enemies is to be the last to stand up and be able to rise up level.

Fornite is one of the games that with each update is overcome by its events, its new characters (who can be famous, films or players of it), and the worlds they are created. Since he came out in the App Store to get over games like Pokemon Go and Candy Crush certainly a game worth it.

Minimum requirements:

  • RAM: 3GB.
  • Storage:Instator 90Mb and installed 7GB.
  • Processor: Snapdragon 670, Samsung Exynos 8 Octa, Kirin 980.
  • Android: 5.0 Lollipop
  • Graphic card: Mali-G72, Adreno 615


This is a two-dimensional sandbox game where you will have the freedom to explore different worlds from floating islands to underworld. You’ll have to venture and defeat evil villains you’ll find on your way. This game that is a little like minecraft in the sense that you have to pick (obviously with a peak) the rocks in order to get resources to create other materials or items with them. We will be able to create peaks, palas, swords, armor, among others.

We must equip ourselves with the weapons we believe to eliminate the more than 70 different types of monsters that we will find throughout the game and obviously he has 5 powerful bosses we will have to face with everything we have as these are more difficult than common monsters.

This was officially released for Windows on May 16, 2011 and later released on Android on December 4, 2020 and on December 1, 2020, developed by Re-Logic, Pipeworks Studios, Codeglue, Dr. Studios and Engine Software.

Minimum requirements:

  • RAM: 1GB
  • Android: 4.3
  • Graphic card: Snapdragon 670
  • Storage: 200MB

League of Legends: Wild Rift

In 2018 it became one of the most played games with more than 100 million players, this game developed by Riot Games this is one of the most demanding games of this top as it is very difficult to move forward in this game because of its large number of players who will not hesitate to kill you to get your own victory and rise in the league with Challenger being the highest category and bronze the lowest, not faced the lowest, you are not facing the to make the battle fair and balanced.

The multiplayer game consists of 5 players per team and each has a particular role: top (they are usually the strongest on the team, as they fight at the top of the map), jungle (these are responsible or looking for monsters in the jungle that by killing them them, and their other other hand (cause large amounts of damage as wizards and killers), the shooter (the purpose of this is to do the other hand hand in the the the defensive and offensive). I officially leave on October 27, 2020.

Minimum resources:

  • RAM: 2GB
  • Storage: 15GB
  • Processor: 1.5 GHz quad-Core
  • Graphic card: Mali-T860


Lanzado al público el 30 de abril de 2014, este juego es una alternativa a Super Smash Bros y lo mejor es gratis, fue lanzado para PC a través de Steam y Nintendo Switch y en otras consolas. Puedes jugar en: 1vs1, 2vs2, todos contra todos de 4 jugadores, 4vs4, 1vs3, 2vs2 y todos contra todos y despeja a los que salen en fechas festivas por tiempo limitado. Los modos de juego combinan brawlball, bombsketball, captura de bandera, kung-foot y otros juegos. En una de las últimas actualizaciones, agregaron personajes de Ben 10.

Requisitos mínimos:

  • RAM: 2GB
  • Almacenamiento: 350 MB
  • androide: 5.0