8 dates to mark the Spanish economy in 2023

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  • There are 8 dates of the 2023 calendar in which the Spanish economy is playing its recovery or fall.
  • The triple-game elections, the entry into force of new taxes and laws or ECB meetings and its findings will set the economic timetable.

Uncertainty is wiping with everythingup to the forecasts for 2023. Putin’s movements and its effects on the gas market, the energy crisis and its price consequences, the inflation and its effect on monetary policy decisions… They’re all. threats on which the economy is settled in 2023.

«There are more questions than you’re sure, but despite this situation in which we will meet, we can take into account what the main issues and key moments of the next period,» explains Daniel Benito, professor at the Esade Department of Economy, Finance and Accounting.

With this picture, the few certainties on the horizon are certain dates that will set the economic calendar in 2023.

In Business insider spaña We have selected 8 calendar dates of 2023 where the Spanish economy plays its recovery or its fall, and where there will be substantial changes in the business or international landscape that can contribute or harm to the improvement in levels of growth, unemployment, business activity, debt or deficit.

January 1: taxes on large fortunes, banks and electricity, increase in autonomous quotas and startup Act

Sucursal del Banco Santander

Important by: 2023 arrives loaded from tax and legislative developments that affect employees, self-employed, large fortunes and businesses.

Nothing else to start the year, the new autonomous quotas, which will begin to quote for their actual income, and also the Intergenerational Equity Mechanism of pensions (MEI), a new tax born to share the cost of pensions among different generations of workers, and will result in an additional social security quotation of 0.6 per cent.

So much the tax on great fortunessuch as banking and electricity taxes, they will be temporary and will begin to be implemented in 2023. With the tax on banking and energy benefits, the Government seeks to raise an extra of 3.5 billion euros by 2023 and 2024.

What taxes are going to rise or create in 2023: this is what you’ll pay for more next year

Key to follow: Both the financial and energy sector revolved after the announcement of extraordinary taxes on their profits, and have threatened to give the judicial battle by raising the issue to Brussels.

The new will also be implemented in 2023 minimum corporate tax and one fee on non-reusable plastic packagingwhich will tax with 0.45 euros each kilo of single-use plastic packaging. Finally, it will be appropriate to follow the newly approved startups law, which was well received although with doubt in the sector, and it will start to have its first effects this year.

January 16-20: Davos Economic Forum

El centro de congresos de Davos, vacío ante la celebración del foro por videoconferencia

Important by: More than 2,500 leaders of governments, businesses and civil society meet from 16 to 20 January in Davos, Switzerland, to attend the Global economic forum, one of the most important economic quotes of the year, at a crucial time, as IMF or World Bank forecasts, the global economy could enter recession in 2023.

Key to follow: Although this type of multilateral dates often end with a final statement of fairly decaffeined minimal, the Davos Forum will serve to to advance with what measures are intended to fit the temporary and to take the temperature to a 2023 that augurs uncertain and plagued with threats, from recession to the inflation or the war.

2 February: First ECB meeting of the year

La presidenta del Banco Central Europeo, Christine Lagarde.

Important by: 2022 marked the end of an era of interest rates by the floors. Both the Federal Reserve in the US and the European Central Bank on the Old Continent, blew up their monetary policy, with several historical increases in guys that have fired the price of money.

«Since January 2015, the Council of Government of the European Central Bank analyzes and makes decisions on monetary policy at meetings it holds every six weeks,» explains Benito.

This is what the latest rate rise is affected by mortgages and more expensive credits, savings benefits and the risk of variable income

Key to follow: When The ECB announced its last increase of 0.5% in DecemberHe already warned that he was hoping to «continue to rise significantly» by 2023. The first meeting of the agency, which will take place on 2 February, will mark the start of the rising path scheduled for the year.

First quarter: sectoral agreements are overcome and Brussels passes review to Spain


Important by: There are two other important events that will take place in the first few months of 2023: on the one hand, they beat a lot of the sectoral collective agreements and, on the other hand, the European Commission takes review of the milestones of the Spain Recovery Plan.

From street to negotiating table: sectors and companies that have agreed to wage increases in the face of inflation or mobilization

Key to follow: In the case of collective agreements, the wage review coming out of these negotiations should be pending.

«Other non-vened agreements are likely to be reported and negotiations will be opened if important revisions are seen prospering. We expect a higher wage increase of what we have observed this year,» explains Maria Romero, director of International Financial Analysts (Afi), and this will have implications for inflation and economic growth.

As for the Brussels review, Spain has entered 31 billion euros from European funds, and requested $6 billion for the objectives met, but in 2023 European Commission will start reviewing with an audit of aid and evaluating compromised reforms, such as pension.

28 May: Automatemated and municipal elections

Elecciones en Cataluña en plena pandemia.

Important by: This 2023 there will be elections by double match. The auto and municipal elections will take place on 28 May. New governments are elected throughout Spain in a crucial year for the economy, where the incognites are precisely raining on all fronts.

This has become politicians of pop culture: ‘Before fans forged the folder, today they sink audiences or ridicule candidates’

Key to follow: Electoral years tend to be periods when politics usually go ahead of the economy. «There will be an eye on the announcements and implementation of tax measures for vulnerable collectives and their impact on deficit and in the pib,» says Romero.

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