Asfixing your portfolio: 5 products that have doubled your price (or almost) this year 2023

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  • 2022 has been the year of economic uncertainty, energy crisis or inflation. There are products from your buying basket that cost twice (or at least one third more) than in 2021.
  • Among the most important items over last year are sunflower oil, flour or vegetables such as zucchini, the protagonist of a vertiginous rise.
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La inflation and the energy crisis have put food prices for clouds in 2022 and have also raised the costs for the food chains, with narrower profit margins.

Fill the Purchase basket has become an odyssey for many households: It’s the most expensive in the last 30 years. 

Fuel rise and food rise cause today 6 out of 10 Spanish —nearly 21 million adult citizens have more difficulties than a year ago to reach the end of the month despite reducing family expenses in the energy, financial, and food and leisure areas.

These are the conclusions of the report Spanish households face inflation in 2022: spending and family savings in the current economic scenariopublished by the Assetter Direct Line Home Division. Despite changing rates, modifying the purchase basket or put less the heating, the study highlights that 80% of Spanish need to pull savings to overcome the month.

Looking back, some products in particular have experienced a stratospheric risefrying some potatoes, preparing sushi or cooking a vegetable cream is already much more expensive than in 2021. The bars are also the passing swips so that you can continue to serve free lids to your customers.

For sample, a button: cooking a potato omelette now costs more than twice as much as in 2020. That’s what a study of eToro, that the increase in 113% from the winter prior to the coronavirus crisis.

The food that has been most expensive to prepare this Spanish typical dish has been the onion, whose price has risen by 147%. For his part, since before the pandemic, the potato has been raised by 134%, up to 42.17 euros/100 kg; followed by the olive oil corresponding, which has increased by 115 per cent, at 386.72 euros/100 kg.

From the OCU point out that Spain had never experienced such a sharp price rise in a 12-month period. Unroled inflation has led to large increases: sunflower oils (+118%), and olive (+53%), flour (+50%) and all its derivatives: pasta (+56%) or cupcakes (+75%). Also the bananas in Canary Islands (+64%).

According to the INE data from November, Food prices have risen by 15.3 per cent in the past year.

What products have doubled their price, or almost, since 2021? These are some of them.

Sunflower oil: fries at gold price

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The average annual price of sunflower oil in the various distribution channels in Spain in 2021 remained around the 1.4 euros per litre, according to data of Statist. In December 2022, the cost of a non-low bottle of 2.40 euros.

In addition, many special sunflower oils for frying and white brands, on surfaces such as Dia, Mercadona or above 3.65 euros per litre.

Although olive oil traditionally tended to be two times more expensive than that of sunflower oil, this year the margins have narrowed. According to OCU data, the price variation in sunflower oil this year has been great +118%. The olive has increased by 53 per cent.

Salmon, an increasingly expensive source of healthy fat

Salmón fresco

It is the second most consumed fish in Spain, after fishing and hake, and it is also one of the products that has risen most this year, regardless of the price oscillations of fish and seafood in the Christmas stripe.

As for fresh salmon, in 2022 it has had an average price of 9.08 euros, while last year it was 7.64 euros. According to the last dated for December 20, the price ranged in markets from 8 euros in Mercavalence to 9.5 euros in Mercabilbao.

It was during the spring that the salmon experienced a further increase: it was sold to 20 euros per kilo, doubling the price, which led to the reduction of its purchase by the Spanish in summer. According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Comparing June 2022 to the same month of 2021, salmon consumption dropped by 37.1 per cent.

In April, the OCU Food Price Observatory highlighted an increase in rolling salmon between 30 and 40 per cent. In some markets and areas, the worst salmon-rise peaks resulted in 60 per cent increases.

For its part, and according to the latest data from the November CPI, the smoked salmon is 13% more expensive than last year.

Pumpkin, the seafood of the orchard


One of the food products that has experienced a more spectacular and surprising rise in recent months is about zucchiniAccording to 2020 data, Spanish eat nearly 4 kilos per person from this hortalice each year.

This one article of The country, published in October, collects the vertiginous evolution of the price of the zucchini, which has increased from 0.79 euros per kilo in 2021, to 1.29 in March 2022 and 2.99 this fall. The midway quotes the Twitter thread with an investigation by Alejandra de la Fuente, a journalist who specializes in visibilizing the precarious of the working class.

To contrast the evolution of prices, Alejandra took as a reference Alcampo products, considered one of the Cheapest supermarkets in Spain.

Harinas and derivatives: a bad year for bread and pasta lovers


Since Russia and Ukraine concentrate 30% of global wheat exports, this has been a year convulse and alcist for the world trade in cereals.

Last March, the United Nations Food and Food Organization (FAO) food price index rose by 12.6 per cent, reaching a record since it began to measure in 1990.

According to the November CPI, The flour is 38% more expensive than last year.

Of course, the flour has been put by the clouds affects products prices such as pasta and bread itselfwhich in turn has also been affected by the rise in gas, electricity and additives such as yeast. In fact, according to the INE, bread is today 14.9% more cart than a year ago.

Sugar: Putting sweet into life now worth more money


Sugar has been more in than in any other year in the past, at least 2 decades, it collects Newtral in accordance with the INE price index. Its price rose by 42.8 per cent in October compared to the same month of 2021, due especially to the high cost of energy, drought and change in the sector’s production model. From September to October it rose by 27.2 per cent.

If we look at the sugar price increase this November compared to the previous year, the increase is even more remarkable: 50.2%Bad news for those planning to make homemade Christmas report as turrones o mapansas oils rise by 56 per cent; flour and other cereals, 37.6 per cent; and butter, 37.5 per cent. Also milk, almost 31 per cent; eggs, 27.1 per cent; and cereals, almost 23 per cent.

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