Economic aid for young people in 2023: these are the ones you can apply for

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  • If you’re young you’re interested in knowing the economic aid you’re entitled to in 2023.
  • Next year you can apply for the rental bonus, culture or aid for young unemployed.

The young people are most suffering from the effects of inflation, since their salaries are low and most of them are earmarked for housing rental.

Although the price rise is being moderated, the truth is that the increase in CPI still particularly affects this layer of the population.

One way to deal with this situation is requesting the economic aid available. This is necessary to know which one still exists in 2023 and whether there is any new ones you can ask for.

Young people are entitled to certain benefits that can make them every day easier, for example, rent bond or unemployed aid.

The following are shown economic aid for young people you can ask for in 2023:

Young rental bonus

El Young rental bonus It’s one EUR 250 euros per month which can be extended for 24 months. To access it you must be between 18 and 35. This aid will be available during 2023.

In order to enjoy it, the maximum amount of rent should be up to 600 euros per month, although it is expanded to 900 euros per month by autonomous communities, it could even be higher in some assumptions.

In addition, your work income cannot exceed the IPREM 3 times, which is 23,725.8 euros per year.

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The maximum price for the rent of rooms is 300 euros per month, expanded to 450 euros. Housing should be your usual and permanent residence, accredited with certificate of shipping.

Young Cultural Bono

This aid consists of an economic incentive to promote the consumption of cultural products in the population.

Al Young cultural bonus persons who serve the age age age in the current year are entitled.

The amount of the aid is 400 euros. This amount cannot be spent on a single purchase, but should be distributed into different products.

Here are the purchases that allows you to make the cultural bonus for young people:

  • Live shows: 200 euros for concert tickets, plays, movies or museums.
  • Physical products: 100 euros to spend on books, press, magazines, CD, DVD or Blue-Ray.
  • Online products: 100 euros for cultural digital consumption, for example, buying books in this format or subscriptions to music or audiovisual platforms.

The card does not include bull races, gastronomy or sports events.

The Young Cultural Bonus must be spent at a maximum of one year, otherwise the money left on the card will be unusable.

Aid for young people without work

Young unemployed people will be able to charge a help of 480 euros for a maximum of 30 months.

This requires meeting a number of requirements, for example, to be in a legal situation of unemployment, to be in a situation of unemployment. registered as job claimant and have family responsibilities, such as being in charge of a child under the age of 26.

You should also demonstrate that monthly incomes are less than 75% of the interprofesional minimum wage, or 750 euros per month.

As for age, it is compulsory be between 16 and 30 to call for the help of young unemployed.

More budget for scholarships

Education spending increases by 6.6 per cent by 2023. This will result in an increase of 390 million euros in scholarships compared to 2022In addition, the increase from 2018 will be 1 billion euros, as well as avanzates the Ministry of Education.

The increase in investment will allow more students to benefit from these study support. The average amount of scholarships will also rise, especially for students from rural areas who need to travel.

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