How to apply for the zero rate for autonomous from 2023: requirements, deadlines, which autonomous communities offer it and who can benefit

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  • The zero rate for autonomous is a new aid that some autonomous communities will offer by 2023. Thanks to it you will have 100% of your contributions during the first few months of activity.
  • This is how you can apply for the zero fee for autonomous and these are the requirements and deadlines for doing so.

La zero fee for autonomous is a new aid that some autonomous communities will offer from 2023.

Thanks to it, self-employed workers will be 100% bonified of their social contributions during the first year of activity and the second year, although the latter if they meet certain conditions. Basically, their income is lower than Smi during that second year.

The goal is to support entrepreneurs who are starting a new project. Considering that the autonomous listing system changes in 2023when the quotas according to real income.

That, yes, not all autonomous communities are going to offer the zero fee. Some requirements and deadlines must also be met in order to be able to apply for it.

Below is explained which communities will have the zero quota of autonomous, who can ask for it, the requirements and deadlines for doing so and how to request it.

What communities offer the zero fee for autonomous?

So far there are 3 autonomous communities that have announced the zero rate for autonomous: Murcia, Community of Madrid and Andalusia.

The main reason they do so is that the Flat autonomous fee It goes from 60 to 80 euros. This is a way to help the entrepreneurs who are starting.

If you are not a resident in these communities, you will not be able to access the aid in question.

Who can order the zero rate of self-employed

All autonomous persons registered in the RETA or the Special System for Agricultural Propia Accounting Workers are eligible for this bonus.

To do so, you need to be entitled to the state flat feeI mean, be a new self-employed and have not been high as an autonomous in the last two years.

What is the minimum amount to invoice as an autonomous: this says Social Security

If you want to enjoy the zero quota during the second year, you will have to show that your net income is less than the SMI.

The conditions are virtually identical in the three autonomous communities that offer aid.

Requisies and deadlines to benefit from the zero quota of autonomous

Before ordering the zero fee for self-employed workers, you should know the requirements and deadlines.

As clarified at the previous point, the first is to be registered in the RETA or the Special System for Agricultural Propia Accounting Workers. In addition, You have to be entitled to the state flat fee.

Of course, you have to be a resident in some of the autonomous communities that offer the bonus. It is necessary be packed in it and that your activity unfolds there.

The deadline for the application is opened in the last 2 months when you’re entitled to the state flat fee, and ends the last day of the second month of the following month of that period. Don’t leave it at the last minute in case problems arise in the process.

How to apply for the zero rate for autonomous

Each autonomous community has its own channels to ask for this help. However, these are similar, as the process in all cases is online and need E-DNI o digital certificate.

You’ll have to go to the virtual office of Andalusia, to the electronic headquarters of the Madrid Community or the of Murcia once the process is opened. This will be from January 2023.

Once identified, you have to attach the high document in the Economic Activities Tax of model 037 or 036, the justification for subscribing your social contributions, the working life report updated and the certificate of being aware of payments with Finance and Social Security.

As soon as you finish these steps, it is up to wait for the administration to study your application and response. This may take a few weeks.

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