These 500-pestain coins and tickets can make you win more than 400 euros at an auction

Moneda de 500 pesetas

  • Have you checked the value of the old plaques you have at home?
  • These 500-pesticult coins and tickets exceed 400 euros at online auctions.

For many of them old coins are an object of memory, but Numismatic fans pay real fortunes for the copies they consider rare.

You may have several tickets and pesetas coins at home and don’t know what to do with them. The first thing you need to know is that You can no longer be traded for euros in the Bank of Spain, and after you have taken into account its value in the collection market.

Tickets and password coins that are uncommon or present coin errors have a truly high value in online bidding. That is, they must not present defects, otherwise their price will fall.

If you access portals such as Foronum, Ebay, Catawiki or Etsy will see that The copies you have at home can give you a joy in the form of money.

That’s why it’s important know the value of old pestsNot all cost a lot of money, but if you accidentally own one of the coveted, you’ll end up wearing a good pinch.

The following are shown tickets and coins of 500 pesticks that can make you win more than 400 euros:

1907-fishtlight billter

Billete de 500 pesetas

This is the most expensive 500 fishters you can have at home: exceeds 400 euros in some numismatic bidding.

This ticket was coined in Madrid in 1907. As so many years have passed, it is difficult to find, and more even if he is in optimal conditions. That’s why it’s so much paid for a well-cared copy.

It is important that you do not present defects or doubles, something common in such old tickets. Collectors are not so interested in these cases.

1987 500-pesticket coin

Moneda de 500 pesetas de prueba

This 500-pesticket coin is also valuable: You can win more than 300 euros at an online auction if you find a buyer interested enough.

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She was coined in 1987 and the word «proof» appears in the annex. This is one of the first 500-pestick coined coinsThe goal was to replace the 500-pest ticket in which an image of Rosalin de Castro appeared.

The National Coin and Timber Manufacturing launched some copies like this to be testing the new coin. That is why there are few copies and the remaining pieces in the hands of collectors reach 300 euros.

1989 5 5 5 pesetas coin

500 pesetas de 1989

This 500-pestick coin also exceeds 300 euros in some numismatic auctions.

It happens as with the previous coin: was coined in 1989 and was one of the first pieces to replace the Rosalin de Castro ticketsIt’s hard to find one of these copies and present a good state.

1936 500 pesticket Billet

Billete de 500 pesetas

The ticket you see in the image reaches a value of 220 euros in some numismatic auctions.

This is a coined copy in Burgos in November 1936as can be seen in the annex. The image of the reverse is that of the Cathedral of Salamanca, so it will be easy for you to recognize it.

Today it is difficult to find this ticket because there are few known copies left; almost all are in the hands of collectors.

1927-fishtwist of 500 pests

500 pesetas de 1927

This ticket is not as valuable as the previous ones, but You can earn about 50 euros if you have it in good condition.

It is a coined copy in Madrid in July 1927. It’s not so hard to find, so its value is reduced. You can wait several years to see if it’s re-evaluated.

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