They are still rich, but not so much: these are the 10 billionaires who have lost the most money in 2022

Un activista protesta en Bruselas con una careta de Zuckerberg.

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  • Beyond the recession, philanthropy is one of the reasons that their heritage is more reduced.
  • 2022 has been a year of the most complex, also for them.

The rich are also crying is the title of a Mexican soap opera, but it could well be from this compilation. Because billionaires also «suffer» for money, but not so clear. This 2022 has left millionaire losses, in a year afraid of recession and a bag of the most complex. These are the billionaires who have lost the most, but that’s, they’re still having many millions.

Mark Zuckerberg

The dream of the metaverse and the change of name from Facebook matrix to Meta It cost him very expensive. To mark zuckerberg. It’s been the worst year for the Facebook founder’s business, whose shares have fallen like never before since the company went out on the stock market, falling by 20%.

All because Meta has not just convented and does not achieve the profit goals, so advertising revenues are much lower. The metaverse has made Zuckerberg lose $54 billion, since, according to Forbeslast year its heritage was valued at 97 billion and currently has 43 billion.

Changpeng zhao

Changpeng Zhao

El criptowinter is very long and, of course, the FTX fall has passed a bill to Binance’s CEO. It’s true that it was closing 2021 with $1.9 billion and now it has 17.4 billion, according to ForbesBut on the way this year he’s lost a lot.

As he points out South china morning post, the young man has had a $96 billion heritage, and has accumulated losses worth the amount of $96 billion. $72.6 billion in the collapse of cryptocurrencies.

Elon musk

El CEO de SpaceX, Tesla y Twitter, Elon Musk.

For starters, Elon Musk has lost the position of the richest person of the world, who is now Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH. The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has faced his ambition to buy Twitter at the price of $44 billion.

According to TimeThe purchase of the social network caused the tycoon to lose $9 billion from his property. To that the Twitter crisis and the Tesla’s stock crashIf in 2021, according to Forbes, it had $151 billion, now its fortune is measured at 146.5 billion.

It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t because in 2022 it accumulated 219 billion. Losses are like this 68 billion.

Jeff bezos

Jeff Bezos

It hasn’t been the year of Amazon’s founder either. As the New york post, its net assets has fallen by more than $90 billion since July 2021. In total, this year he has lost a few $65.7 billion.

Its heritage last year was $177 billion and is now estimated at 108 billion, according to the list of Forbes in real time, so the losses are going to more as the year ends.

Sergey brin

Sergey Brin

The co-founder and member of Google’s board of directors, has lost around 38.1 billion $this year. All because Alphabet, Google’s parent company, failed to meet the September quarter’s profit estimates for advertising.

Last year its heritage was estimated at $89 billion, now it appears that the streak is improving and reaching 75 billion.

Larry page

Larry Page

Like Brin, Google’s other co-founder has experienced a very similar situation. Their losses are calculated in some 39.2 billion dollars, for the same reasons. It closed 2021 with $91.5 billion and does the same with 2022 at $78.2 billion.

MacKenzie Scott

MacKenzie Scott junto a Bezos.

Jeff Bezos’ philanthropist and ex-wife has lost several million, as if an old husband. In total, it would have been about $31.7 billion. Their philanthropic contributions have much to do with these losses, in addition to a fall in Amazon’s shares.

Its donations already add up 14.5 billion in various cases, leaving its heritage at 25 billion.

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